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Carotenoid Capsule:

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Marigold Extract



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Complete nutrition for your eyes

Why should I take MacuPrime?

Your eyes suffer a daily onslaught from sunlight, blue light and oxidative stress.

This breaks down the protective macular pigment at the back of your eye.

Clinical trials have shown that we need to consume 10mg Lutein, 10mg Meso-Zeaxanthin and 2mg Zeaxanthin every day to rebuild the macular pigment and keep it working at its best1,2.

Why is the macular pigment so important?

When working properly the macular pigment filters blue light and reduces oxidative stress caused by ageing, protecting the macula from daily damage.

Long term the macular pigment protects the eyes against Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – the leading cause of central vision loss in people over the age of 50 in the United Kingdom.

How often should I take MacuPrime?

One MacuPrime capsule every day gives you the exact daily dose of critical macular carotenoids needed to rebuild the macular pigment in a scientifically proven, safe and effective formula.

As a food supplement, MacuPrime is safe to take continuously.

Research studies on MacuPrime have shown that the greatest results are experienced when MacuPrime is taken every day, consistently over long period of time.

For many people, continuing to take MacuPrime becomes part of a balanced lifestyle along with a healthy diet and exercise. They consider it as an investment in their future wellbeing.

Natural Ingredients

No Artificial Colours
Gluten & Allergen Free
All Natural Ingredients
Diabetic Friendly
Tested for Safety & Efficacy


Capsule Shell (Gelling Agent: Bovine Gelatin, Humectant: Glycerin, Purified Water, Colour: Annatto), Marigold Extract (Containing: Lutein, Meso-Zeaxanthin, Zeaxanthin), Bulking Agent: Sunflower Seed Oil, Thickener: Yellow Beeswax, Antioxidant: d-Alpha Tocopherol, Emulsifier: dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate.

Caution: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied or balanced diet.

8 reviews for MacuPrime Supplements for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

  1. Evelyn Cahill

    My mother and I both starting taking MacuPrime in January 2020. She’s 87 and I’m in my 50’s and both of us have dry eyes – it runs in the family! Definitely feeling the benefit of taking Macuprime – and it’s really easy to take! An Irish company based in Waterford. I would highly recommend.

  2. Maureen Treacy

    My husband and I take MacuPrime everyday because we want to avoid getting macular degeneration. We’ve been taking it for over a year now and we’ve even noticed some improvements in our sight. The floaters and flashes I was experiencing have definitely reduced and before Covid lockdown my husband had begun to notice improvements with glare and driving at night. Only time will tell if it stops us from getting AMD but all of the WIT research has shown it does, so fingers crossed we’ll see the same results.

  3. Mary Deeney

    Great that an Irish company is making this product

  4. Matt Ryan

    I have wet neovascular AMD in my right eye and have been getting anti-VEGF injections for it. I was told to start taking MacuPrime eye vitamins to protect the vision in my left eye and so far so good there’s no sign of any drusen or early AMD in my left eye.

  5. Kate Claine

    Suffered from severe dry eye and blurred vision this has been life changing after 5-6 weeks totally gone and I have more energy to

  6. Margaret Co.Dublin (verified owner)

    I suffer from very dry eyes and also in the early stages of macular degenration my consultant gave me a trial pack of MacuPrime to try and so far my eyes are definately not near as dry, i have ordered MacuPrime on line over the last 6 months from the company in Waterford they have been excellent with my order arrriviing within two days,

  7. Margaret Clarke (verified owner)

    Recommended to me for dry eyes and after three months i can say my eyes have improved, my order was dealt with promptly and arrived in the post within two days excellent customer service.

    • Macu-Admin (verified owner)

      Hi Margaret, we’re delighted to hear that you’re beginning to see the benefits from taking MacuPrime every day after just 3 months. The good news is our clinical trials have shown that the longer a person is on MacuPrime the more benefits are experienced. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with others. Best regards, Karen

  8. Carmel

    This product is amazing! My consultant recommended MacuPrime to me when I first got diagnosed with Age-related Macular Degeneration. I had heard of MacuShield before, but the fact that MacuPrime is an Irish product that was researched in Waterford had me sold. I felt completely comfortable starting with their product with them being supplement certified, but I never expected to notice any difference but I definitely have!

    • Karen-Macu (verified owner)

      Thanks for your lovely feedback Carmel!
      We’re delighted to hear that you are noticing a difference in your vision already.
      Stick with taking it every day as the best results in the clinical trials were measured at 12 and 24 months.
      Best regards

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