MacuPrime PLUS

An AREDS2 modified formula with all three macular carotenoids PLUS extra vitamins and minerals


We recommend that if you have porridge for your breakfast that you take your MacuPrime PLUS supplements with your lunch or dinner as the fibre in the oats can affect the absorption of carotenoids into the blood!

Ingredients: Capsule shell (Gelling agent: Bovine gelatine, Humectant: Glycerine, Colours: Annatto, Purified Water), L-ascorbic acid, Antioxidant: d-Alpha tocopherol, Bulking Agent: Sunflower seed oil, Marigold Extract (Containing: Lutein, Meso-Zeaxanthin, Zeaxanthin), Zinc Oxide, Copper (II) Oxide, Thickener: Yellow Beeswax.

Caution: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied or balanced diet.
* Contains Zinc to help maintain normal vision.

Why MacuPrime PLUS?

Supports normal vision

Macuprime PLUS gives you a daily boost of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Copper and Zinc PLUS the Lutein, Meso-Zeaxanthin, and Zeaxanthin available in MacuPrime. Zinc has been proven to help maintain normal vision.

Easy to swallow

We have created four small, easy to swallow capsules. The good news is you can take them all at the same time. No need to space them out during the day.

Supplement Certified

This certification programme ensures that you receive the high-quality ingredients that are promised on the label. MacuPrime is regularly tested until its expiry date to maintain this standard.

MacuPrime’s all natural ingredients


No artificial colours​

Gluten and allergen free​

Diabetic friendly ​

Tested for safety and efficacy​

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