MacuPrime receives ‘Supplement Certified’ stamp of approval

Independently certified to meet label claims, offering even further peace of mind for MacuPrime consumers.

What is it?

Supplement Certified is a certification programme established by Nutrition Research Centre Ireland, Waterford Institute of Technology, in a bid to improve the trust and transparency in the supplement market.

The Supplement Certified team scientifically test and verify that the claimed active ingredients are actually present in the supplements. They also assess the stability of the product over time proving shelf life stability.

What does this mean for MacuPrime customers?

It means trust and assurance.

It means all MacuPrime and MacuPrime PLUS supplements have been rigorously tested by the independent Supplement Certified certification programme.

It’s our pledge to you that our supplements will always deliver what we claim on the box.

It’s a guarantee that MacuPrime and MacuPrime PLUS will remain stable and as active at 3 years as the first day it was produced. 

It’s proof of our continued dedication to gold standard science and the highest quality ingredients and formula.

Why does it matter? 

The food supplement industry is relatively unregulated. 65% of supplements tested do not meet label claim.

Research carried out to-date by the team at Supplement Certified on commercially available nutritional health supplements that are promoted for human function has found that up to 65% do not match label claim.

So wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that the product you’re spending your money on really does contain what it claims on the box? If it does, then there’s a good chance the product will actually do what it promises!

Supplement Certified is an independent stamp of approval and offers you peace of mind that the claimed active ingredients (in our case Lutein, Meso-Zeaxanthin and Zeaxanthin) are actually present in the supplement you are buying.

Don’t waste time or money taking a product that does not live up to its label claims.

Your eye health is too important.

Our Commitment to Quality

CS Stamp of approval

In an ongoing commitment to label claims, every new batch of MacuPrime and MacuPrime PLUS supplements will be tested and certified by Supplement Certified.



Informed Sport Certified logo

MacuPrime supplements are also Informed Sport approved, which means they are suitable for professional and elite athletes.

This globally recognised certification means that elite athletes can safely take our product, as each batch has been tested against the WADA prohibited substance list and found to contain no prohibited substances. All testing is completed independently of MacuPrime.



National Research Centre Ireland Logo

MacuPrime supplements have also been tested in peer-reviewed, published clinical trials, which have proven their efficacy and effectiveness in rebuilding macular pigment and improving contrast sensitivity.


You can trust that MacuPrime supplements will always deliver what is claimed on the label. 


MacuPrime Products


Proven in Irish clinical studies to help rebuild macular pigment, which is important in protecting central vision and may help to combat Age-Related Macular Degeneration

MacuPrime PLUS®

Delivers the same triple carotenoid formula as MacuPrime® but with added Zinc which helps maintain normal vision and Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Copper, which protect cells from oxidative stress.

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