Our Unique Carotenoid Story

MacuPrime was developed on the back of over twenty years of gold-standard research into carotenoids at Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI), South East Technology University.

This significant body of research has confirmed that just three nutrients from our diet naturally accumulate at the retina to form a protective layer called the macular pigment.

Amazingly out of the fifty carotenoids available in our diet only three carotenoids – Lutein, Meso-Zeaxanthin and Zeaxanthin, naturally gather in our eyes from the day we are born. We consume carotenoids when we eat a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and fish but carotenoids can also be extracted from a marigold flower for use in food supplements.

Can Diet affect your eyesight?

The NRCI have tested hundreds of different carotenoid formulations and discovered that NutriMz carotenoid ingredients from a company called Industrial Organica SA (IOSA) delivered the best results.

At MacuPrime we are proud to exclusively use NutriMz carotenoid formulations in our products. Only the best will do!

These superior quality carotenoids are extracted from the marigold flower (Tagetes Erecta) using a unique and patented process developed by, Industrial Orgánica SA (IOSA). IOSA are a Mexican family-owned company that has been involved in the expert research and production of carotenoids from natural sources for over 50 years.

Scientific Endorsements

Howard Foundation, Cambridge, UK

Pioneered by its founder, the late Dr Alan Howard, The Howard Foundation has sponsored the decade of clinical trials at South East Technical University, Ireland into the role of nutrition and carotenoids.

The Howard Foundation takes pride in its many research patents on visual performance and cognition. It endorses MacuPrime as being the primary carotenoid supplement in Europe and the UK resulting from this research and these patents.

Speaking of this endorsement, Jon Howard, Secretary of the Foundation comments,

“The Howard Foundation is delighted to recommend MacuPrime- a product that has the highest quality and efficacy as certified by the Supplement Certified Testing Programme.”

Professor John Nolan – Director, Nutrition Research Centre Ireland

In our trials, we used MacuPrime® as the active supplement because this supplement uniquely has over two decades of research to prove its safety, stability and effectiveness. It is also important to understand that many carotenoid supplements on the market are not as effective, and in some cases these supplements do not contain any active ingredients and therefore will offer no benefit for the patient/consumer. 

It is extremely important that recommendations involving nutrition and food supplements are supported by peer-reviewed, published science. Understanding the safety, stability and effectiveness of carotenoid supplements is essential to ensure that individuals can fully benefit from taking these nutrients. 

The Nutrition Research Centre Ireland at the South East Technology University has a long-standing relationship with MacuPrime® and acknowledges that the MacuPrime® supplement formulation is the formulation that we have researched and continue to research in our human studies.