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Based in Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland, MacuPrime® provides premium quality eye health food supplements that are scientifically proven to help maintain and protect vision.

Supported by over a decade of Irish clinical research, MacuPrime® is quickly becoming the eye health supplement of choice for people in Ireland who are concerned about their eyesight and age-related macular degeneration. MacuPrime® supplements are available online and at pharmacies nationwide.

At MacuPrime® we believe:

  • in peer-reviewed scientific research and evidence;
  • in using the highest quality ingredients from natural sources;
  • in the importance of being proactive in managing our health and wellbeing.

MacuPrime in the Community
In March 2020, MacuPrime® developed a sponsorship arrangement with the popular Waterford ‘Bealtaine Choir’, which has over 80 singers. Speaking of the sponsorship, Karen Fennell, Marketing Manager said, “We are delighted to sponsor the Waterford Bealtaine Choir. As an Irish company passionate about protecting peoples’ eyesight and lifestyle, we know the value of staying active, enjoying hobbies and engaging fully in life as you age. We love the passion and positive, uplifting energy that the Bealtaine Choir bring to their members and community.

The choir’s activities have been temporarily put on hold due to Covid-19, however they are looking forward to returning to choir practice and performances later in the year, with the support of MacuPrime®.

Scientific Testing at Nutrition Research Centre Ireland, Carriganore House, Waterford
Our products have been developed and rigorously tested in clinical research at the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI) at the Waterford Institute of Technology.

MacuPrime also has an agreement with Waterford Institute of Technology for ongoing scientific stability testing, which further validates the safety and bioavailability of our MacuPrime® supplements.

Prof John Nolan, Principle Investigator at the NRCI, explains the importance of the peer-reviewed scientific evidence that supports MacuPrime®.

It is extremely important that recommendations involving nutrition and food supplements are supported by peer-reviewed, published science. Understanding the safety, stability and effectiveness of carotenoid supplements is essential to ensure that individuals can fully benefit from taking these nutrients.

It is now beyond any doubt that the carotenoids provided in MacuPrime® play a major role in enhancing our vision. This effect has now been demonstrated in many key clinical trials for healthy subjects and for patients with AMD (see CREST Study). In our trials, we used MacuPrime® as the active supplement because this supplement uniquely has over a decade of research to prove its safety, stability and effectiveness. It is also important to understand that many carotenoid supplements on the market are not as effective, and in some cases these supplements do not contain any active ingredients and therefore will offer no benefit for the patient/consumer. 

The Nutrition Research Centre Ireland at the Waterford Institute of Technology has a long-standing relationship with MacuPrime and acknowledges that the MacuPrime® supplement formulation is the formulation that we have researched and continue to research in our human studies.

MacuHealth Ltd
MacuPrime® is owned by MacuHealth Ltd, which is the European subsidiary of MacuHealth LP.  MacuHealth® is the leading brand of eye health food supplements for the replenishment of the macular pigment and vision enhancement in the USA. Macular pigment protects the macula from the eye disease Age-related Macular Degeneration.

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